Thirty Days of Big Finish

(30 days all at once — because River didn’t kill the Doctor)

Thanks to aslanscompass for the challenge. Answers are naturally limited by what I’ve listened to so far (which I’ve just realized involves a severe lack of Third Doctor stories).

Favourite story featuring each Doctor:

  1. Companion Chronicles: The Guardian of the Solar System
  2. Companion Chronicles: The Selachian Gambit
  3. Short Trips: Walls of Confinement
  4. Short Trips: The Old Rogue
  5. Spare Parts
  6. Urgent Calls (available for free here)
  7. Master
  8. Scherzo

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And so starts the beautiful friendship between Susan and Ping Cho, both in their sixteenth year but living very different lives. They talk about their homes, and Susan says she has had many different ones. We love that this sets up Susan’s character journey of wanting a place to belong to, an identity.

Their scenes together are some of the best in the story and really give Susan another relationship and with someone who own age for a change. This is a great opportunity for her as a character, for someone so young, often unable to be the focus with three such strong adult characters around her. It’s such a shame this serial is missing because it really is a good story for Susan’s character, and Ping Cho is just fabulous. 


Companion sketch #65: Erimem and Antranak

Yes, I kind of bungled Antranak’s legs.  They won’t be visible in the final collage these sketches are for though, so I didn’t dwell on it.  ;)

Speaking of finishing things- this marks the last Big Finish companion on the list.  Unless of course they announce a new one in the next few weeks- which is entirely possible with the speed of their output. :D

New Sixth Doctor Companion: Constance Clarke 

  • Resourceful. Intriguing.
  • "Constance [is] brilliant, inventive, has a great sense of humour and is just generally lovely to spend time with." — Nick Briggs
  • "Mrs Constance Clarke is a Leading Wren in the Women’s Royal Navy Service (WRNS), and she served at Bletchley Park, in the famous Code & Cipher School, during World War II. The precise details of when, how and why her path first crossed with the Sixth Doctor’s must remain strictly classified for now – but all will be revealed in time…!
    "She’s a fantastic asset for the Sixth Doctor – capable, practical and reliable; in many ways, everything he’s not! But she’s a fantastic asset for Britain, too, in the darkest days of the War. One day, she’ll have to choose between them – or between the Doctor and Mr Clarke, a Lieutenant Commander in Naval Intelligence, currently AWOL for reasons unknown. But not just yet…” — Alan Barnes
  • Played by Miranda Raison
  • To debut in September 2015

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