• Track Name

    That's What Cybermats Are Made Of

  • Album

    Bernice Summerfield: The Crystal of Cantus

  • Artist

    Big Finish



On the planet Cantus, a human colony previously invaded by Cybermen, Benny and Jason make a disturbing discovery.

(For bathtubbutterbeer, because I was telling her about this this morning and thought she might want to actually hear it.)

Oh. My. God.


I just want to acknowledge that if it wasn’t for a silly post on this silly website, I would never have met this person.

I sometimes feel a bit awkward telling people I met my girlfriend on tumblr but really I can’t think how else it could have happened. The first time I met her I made zero eye contact and monologued about season 26 and the Cartmel Masterplan. On another date we went to a museum and somehow ended up watching the Horns of Nimon in its entirety.

You did ok tumblr.

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